Bernice Kiker Elementary


At Kiker Elementary we ask a simple question which summarizes our philosophy of celebrating every child every day.


What’s right with Kiker Elementary?






A person of INTEGRITY



The words we put after “I AM” define us.


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Caucasian – 64%
Hispanic – 16%
African-American – 2%
Asian – 13%
Economically Disadvantaged – 4%
ELL – 7%
SPED – 8%
GT – 9%
Dyslexic – 11%

Quick Facts

Grades Pre-K thru 5
Current Enrollment – 1122
# Of Languages (Home Language Survey) – 27

Kiker’s History

Kiker was constructed in 1992. The school is named for Bernice Kiker, one of the first female principals in Austin Independent School District. She was born in Dublin, Texas, but she lived in Austin for most of her life until she moved to Gloucester, Virginia in 1992. Bernice Kiker was a graduate of Southern Methodist University and received her M.A. from Colorado State College.

Following 21 years of teaching in 1943, she was was appointed Assistant Principal of Travis Heights Elementary School in Austin; she served as principal of the school from 1947 until her retirement in 1970. Bernice Kiker died at the age of 91 on May 28, 1995.