Southwest Elementary Principal Selection

Selecting a new principal for the new Southwest Elementary School  is an extremely important task. We want to ensure each person’s perspective and input  is valued and heard during this time.   We aim to keep this process as transparent and open to everyone as possible. 

Here are specific ways you can be involved and be in the know! 

General Timeline & Key Dates: See the process and steps involved in the Principal Selection here. 

Key Community Input Dates: 

  • October 8th – Parent meeting to provide input on the qualities desired in the  new principal
  • October 9th – Deadline to apply for Principal Interview committee.
  • October 17th – Deadline to submit potential questions for first round of candidate interviews.

Primary Parent Input Opportunity: October 8th at 6:00pm.

Share what qualities are important to you at the Principal Profile meeting: October 8th at 6:00 pm at Kiker.

We invite you to come share your thoughts and ideas about what kind of leader  the new Southwest Elementary school needs at our Principal Community Input meeting Tuesday, October 8th at 6:00 pm..

AISD will be gathering input from YOU, our parents and community members, on important leadership traits & qualities you think are important for the new Southwest Elementary’s principal. During the meeting we will focus on four principal leadership areas:
∙      Instructional Leader
∙      Talent Developer
∙      Executive Leader
∙      Culture Builder

AISD will then consolidate feedback from faculty, parents and community members into these 4 categories. This will form the Principal Profile, which is used to narrow the pool of qualified applicants to the final 6 candidates.

**If you are unable to attend this meeting, you can still provide your input by emailing Ms. Julianne Gula at or calling her at (512) 414-4056.

Represent the Kiker Community in the first round of principal interviews by serving on the Principal Interview Committee.

You must submit your application that was sent out via the email dated October 3rd from Kiker Elementary.   The completed application is due October 9th. 
The Principal Interview Committee (PIC) will conduct the first round of interviews of the top six principal candidates.  Afterwards, the PIC will recommend which 3 candidates should move on to the final round of interviews.  The PIC consists of Mr. Gilbert Hicks  (Associate Superintendent of Elementary Schools), Ms Betty Jenkins (Executive Director of Elementary Schools), the CAC Co-Chairs from both Baranoff and Kiker, 1 parent representative and 1 staff representative from Baranoff, and 1 parent representative and 1 staff representative from Kiker.  The CAC members from each campus will select the  2 additional members to serve on the interview committee by October 14th.

Committee Member REQUIREMENTS:

  • October 17th – Must be able to meeting at 3:30 at Kiker
  • October 22nd – Must be able to attend all day interviews from 7:45-5:00 at AISD HQ..
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of applicants, discussions and the outcome of first round interviews
  • Parent member – can’t be a district employee

Submit Potential Interview Questions for the top candidates by October 17th.

Email any potential interview questions you or your student have for the new principal.  You can also leave them in a designated envelope in the front office.  The Principal Interview Committee will consolidate the submissions into 6 potential interview questions.  We will submit these as drafts to AISD to be used in the interview process.