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SBLC Strength Based Learning

SBLC (Strength Based Learning Cohort), is a new educational experience at Kiker, introduced in 2011-2012 SY. The Cohort is a group of three teachers, each with Second, Third, and Fourth Graders who blend and group in ways that expand the educational opportunities for our students here at Kiker.

Program Mission

Our mission is to create caring, confident learners through a multiage learning environment that respects and values the diversity in children by providing authentic learning endeavors (PBL) that enhance their strengths and promote growth of every individual at their developmental level. Design focuses on inquiry, collaboration, and leadership skills to best prepare each to be active members of our international and technology‐oriented world. Our belief is how children learn is as important as what children learn. We desire to create an environment that captivates children and helps them understand that "the greatest reward of learning is the opportunity to learn more." (Keene, 2008)

Program Overview

For a detailed overview of the SBLC program, please refer to the attachments below.

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